Foto: Studio Amos Fricke
Foto: Studio Amos Fricke

Christian Metzner


The label is characterized by a timeless, clear design, whose formal rigor is always broken with pleasure. Through subtle, imaginative details and an unusual choice of materials for the hand-made products, the Brandenburg designer plays with traditional perspectives on material and form.

Metzner, who studied architecture and product design in Potsdam and garment technology in Berlin, worked with Saskia and Stefan Diez in Munich. In 2012, his diploma thesis followed in cooperation with Bree. Philipp Bree then took him to the design team of his new brand PB 0110, for which he still designs small leather goods to this day.

But his passion is the material glass and for more than 12 years he has devoted himself in particular to a type of glass that has its origins in Germany in the 19th century. Borosilicate glass, also called "Jenaer Glas", is processed traditionally by hand in a Czech factory. This particular material is a technical glass, characterised by its high temperature resistance, strength and lightness.

In 2023, he revisits his passion for porcelain, the very material he first began working with during his student days. Captivated by its hand-flattering surface, elegant shine and delicate nature, he introduces the first porcelain product in his portfolio: the drinking cup NYX.
In this very year, he sets out to craft an unique handpainted collection of NYX, showcasing the remarkable range of stone varieties on porcelain.

Christian Metzner Brandenburg has stood for more than 12 years for high-quality, handcrafted products made of glass and porcelain, which are manufactured in accordance with the designer's specifications by hand in the Czech Republic and Germany. The high quality standards for form and execution result in products that provide long-term enjoyment.